RECORD RELEASE HDWGH at after,Berlin 2024

ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK, SOUND DESIGN Decadence a film by Jordan Strafer Rensoc, Chicago, USA 2024
SOUNDSCAPE See Through The Dragon Head a film by Rebecca Ann Tess, Phillip von Rosen Galerie, Cologne, GER 2024
ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK, SOUND DESIGN nospank a film by Jordan Strafer, Hot Wheels Gallery, London UK 2024
MUSICAL SCORE Obsession exhibition by Nadja Abt Kunstverein Dortmund, GER 2023
MUSIC for the TRAILER Q Talk Time as part of the Hamburg International Queer Film Festival Hamburg, GER2023
MUSICAL COMPOSITION A Cold Case Or Happiness a film by titre provisoire Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg, GER 2023
Crude Mix 035 soundcloud 2023
Heidi Gallery, Berlin, GER 2023
SOUNDTRACK, SOUNDDESIGN "Loophole” film by Jordan Strafer
Secession, Vienna, AUT 2023
MUSICAL SCORE, SOUNDDESIGN “How Did We Get Here” a performance with Harry Alexander, Melanie Chrisholm and Jules Cunningham by Julie Cunningham Company Sadlers Wells London, UK 2023
MUSICAL SCORE “Don`t Let Worms Spoil your Apples” performance
by Reed Rushes Premiere Pageant Space, New York, USA 2022
SOUND DESIGN True Love’s Kiss is a listening essay by Phoebe Osborne
A.I:R: Gallery, New York, USA 2022
SOUNDTRACK “Die Sein: Para Psychics I” exhibition by Kerstin Brätsch
Gladstone Gallery, New York, USA 2022
SOUNDTRACK SOUNDDESIGN Peak Heaven Love Forever film by Jordan Strafer
Premiere Participants Inc, New York, USA 2022
SOUNDTRACK SOUNDDESIGN “Unica” film by Blaise Kirschner
Fluentum, Berlin, GER 2022
SOUNDDESIGN “To Cringe” film by Bastien Gachet, CH 2022
SOUNDTRACK “Subjekträume” film by Kat Voss
Premiere Kurzfilmtage, Oberhausen, GER 2021
PERFORMANCE Curved 25min live performance
(field recorder, bluetooth speaker, voice) Backyard Ghost, New York, USA 2021
MIX CURVED soundcloud 2021
PERFORMANCE Animation 20min performance
(8 channel sound installation, voice) Horse & Pony, Berlin, GER 2020
SOUNDTRACK “Zauber der Tiere” film by Kathrin Sonntag
Kunstmuseum Solothurn, CH 2020
SOUNDTRACK “Between spins, stops and change of directions” film
by C. Schuster and M.Dickhage, Premiere Singapore Biennial, SGP 2019
ALBUM RELEASE lamé Bandcamp 2019
SOUNDTRACK “Bläue” film by Kerstin Schroedinger
Premiere Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen Innsbruck, AUT 2018
SOUNDTRACK After Metarmorphoses Video by Amy Sillman
Premiere Drawing Center, New York, USA 2017
SOUNDTRACK Rainbow`s Gravity film
by Kerstin Schroedinger and Mareike Bernien Premiere Berlin Berlinale, GER 2015
AUDIOGUIDE with Kerstin Stakemeier for the exhibition
Playtime at Lenbachhaus, Munich, GER 2015
PERFORMANCE Anfang gut. Alles gut curated
by Eva Birkenstock, Nina Köller, Kerstin Stakemeier Kunsthaus Bregenz, AUT 2012
CO-FOUNDING member of the music collective tschilp
with Nina Istok and Kerstin Schroedinger Hamburg, Berlin GER 2002 -2014